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Thread: CAD Trion Mic Giveaway

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    Default CAD Trion Mic Giveaway

    Ready to win a free mic? The new CAD Trion mic line includes a tube LDC, a solid state LDC and a dual-ribbon mic. This is your chance to win one of these three CAD Trion Mics. There will be three winners, which means you have three times the chance of winning.


    Here are the new CAD Trion series mics, the 6000, 7000 and 8000.

    Trion 6000, Solid State Multi-pattern Condenser Microphone
    Two externally-biased large diaphragms, field-effect detection and iron core drive. Tri-level high voltage and legendary CAD industrial design. Three polar patterns for timbre and expanse. Vintage tone, vintage look and vintage feel. Elastic shock mount and metal travel case are included. List price is $499.
    (For specs or more info, click on mic name above or below.)


    Trion 7000 Dual-element Ribbon Microphone
    Thick and rich, the dual ribbon "rounds out" guitar stacks, brass, and woodwinds. A narrow strip of ultra thin aluminum suspended in a magnetic field oscillates symbiotically with your sound source. Electrical current is the result. We use two ribbons for added sensitivity. Experience classic ribbon vocal sound. Elastic shock mount and metal travel case are included. List price is $459.


    Trion 8000 Multi-pattern Condenser Tube Microphone
    Transparent, airy, rich and silky. Travel back in time with the extra large diaphragm, RF pentode, iron core, and 120 volts of drive. CAD brings back the look, sound and feel of early condensers. Use all three polar patterns to define space and tone. Elastic shock mount, durable metal travel case, dedicated cable, and 120V power supply are included. 115/230 VAC power required. List price is $599.

    To find out more about who's using CAD mics and what they are saying, click here:

    3D Audio and CAD Mics are offering these three mics which will be given away to three winners, one mic per winner. So this is your chance to get one in your studio for free and all you have to do is tell me why you want it.


    There are three possible ways to enter.

    1) Post your name only (real names only-no screen names) in this thread with a sentence about why you want a CAD Trion mic at your studio. Since this is a random drawing, brown-nosing will not help you win. Silly reasons are discouraged and may be deleted at my discretion along with the name of the entrant. If you wish to post a contact email, please do so in expanded form (3daudioatcomcastdotnet) in order to avoid email address harvesters. If you want to enter and are unwilling to use your real name in this forum, you may enter by either of the following methods.

    2) Send a postcard (letter will do) to the address below with your name (real name plus screen name and contact info including email address and physical address) and the reason you want a CAD Trion mic at your studio to:

    3dB Gratis Gear
    34 Prescott Place
    Franklin, TN 37069

    International entrants should allow 2-3 weeks time for mail delivery.

    3) Register as a VIP member of 3dB at
    New VIPs will automatically be entered to win. Existing VIPs (2006) will also automatically be entered to win.

    Each person entering the contest may choose one or more of the above methods for participation. Multiple entries (after the first) by the same method will be discarded, for example sending 12 postcards will net you one entry.

    To summarize, the fastest way to enter is to post a reason why you want a CAD Trion mic here in this thread. To increase your chances (double your chances), you may also send a postcard to the address above. To add your name again to the drawing, you may join as (or already be) a VIP member at 3dB. So a person may have his/her name in the hat no more than three times.


    The contest begins now and the deadline for entries is 11:59 PM CDST on June 17, 2007. All mail received on or before June 16, 2007 will be entered into the drawing. Any mail received after that date will not be entered.
    The three winners will be chosen in a random drawing held on June 19, 2007. The drawings for the three mics will be done consecutively but separately, so there will be one drawing for the 6000, another drawing for the 7000, and a drawing for the 8000. Winners will be awarded the mic for which their name is drawn. When a winner is selected, his/her name will be eliminated from the chance of winning in the following drawings. The result will be three separate winners and three separate runners up. Runners up will be chosen at the same time in case the winner forfeits his/her prize. Winners will have 30 days to respond.


    Postage will be paid in the case of US or Canadian winners. In the event of a winner outside the US or Canada, international postage will be the responsibility of the winner. Any taxes, VAT, import duties or other costs of receiving the mic will be the sole responsibility of the winner. If you are outside of the US or Canada and are unable to pay shipping or taxes for this unit, please do not enter.

    In the event that the winner cannot accept the mic for whatever reason, the mic will go to the runner up.

    The winner will be notified on this website and via email or other contact info, if such info is given. The winner has 30 days to claim the prize after the drawing. In the event that the winner cannot be contacted or does not respond within 30 days, then the winner will forfeit the prize and the runner up will be awarded the prize. If you enter the contest by any of the three ways, that is considered your consent to these terms and conditions.

    If it is discovered that an entrant has not followed the rules of this contest, by entering multiple times under different screen names or similar method to increase chances of winning, they will be immediately disqualified from the contest.


    Any employees of 3D Audio, or CAD Mics or Omnitronics LLC (including affiliated companies) are not permitted to enter. Any dealers or retailers which sell CAD mics are also not permitted to enter.


    So enter the contest now and maybe you can win a new CAD Trion mic for your studio. Gear is fun. Free gear is better.

    PS: Tell all your friends. If they win instead of you, you can always borrow it from them!

    PPS: New registrants at 3dB will likely have to wait 24-48 hours for membership approval, since membership here is personally moderated to keep spammers and other internet villains to a minimum.

    For more info about the full lineup of CAD mics, check out their offerings here:

    EDIT: Adding info about shipping.

    Some have asked about the cost of shipping overseas. Here's an example, not meant to be representative of all, but just so you can have some idea. Using USPS Economy rates (which go up in 3 days) and shipping the heaviest mic package (the $600 CAD 8000) in its 13 pound package with insurance, the cost to ship to Australia (about as far from here as I can imagine) is under $50. This is the most economical method and takes 4-6 weeks for delivery. Since the package will be marked as a GIFT, I don't expect that duties or taxes will be due, but don't take my word for that. As I suggested to one entrant, someone could enter and then, if they win, decide whether or not to pay the shipping. If they decide to decline, then the runner up would be given the mic. Winning doesn't obligate you to anything.
    Lynn Fuston
    3D Audio

    Making beautiful music SEEM easy since 1979.

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    My full real name is in my signature.

    I would love to win these CAD mics as our studio could use some more excellent sounding microphones to round out our available tools.
    Am I the only one without a small type signature?


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    My name is Marco Granados

    I would love to win the CAD Trion 7000 Dual Ribbon Microphone as I am always looking for ribbon microphones that will represent my flute playing in a natural, musical, pleasing way.


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    Put my name in the hopper. Thanks!
    Van Fischer
    Van Fischer

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    I'm Troy Baldwin. It's high time I actually own a piece of equipment I can be proud of, and from what I have heard of these mics, they'll fit the bill very nicely. (is that grammatically correct? I get confused sometimes). Plus, at least 2 of them should do very well in voiceover situations, where I haven't been thrilled with my current mic options.
    AD9 Audio Services

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    I'm entering because even though I have some nice mics, it so happens that I have neither a multipattern mic, a tube mic, nor a ribbon mic. So no matter which mic I win, I will be adding something new to my locker. Besides, they look cool.

    My screen name is my real name.

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    Hey, Bill Park here, and I'd simply like to hear the CAD, I've never worked extensively with one and never heard any of this newer series.

    Bill Park
    Welcome Home Studios

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    I'd love to have the 6000 and 8000 and another 7000, CAD's are working here.

    Dennis Jones
    Dennis Jones
    Technical Director
    3D Audio V.I.P.

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    I'd like to try any one of these mics.

    Doug Landsverk
    3D VIP 2010

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    Since the first of the year, I've bought 32 mics. I've sold a few, too. But I plan on hearing at least 50 mics this year. I call it my Ultimate Mic Test. I would love to include any of these three mics in the test.

    Mike Jasper
    Austin, Texas

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