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    Default 3D mic CD thoughts

    I thought since there hasn't been a thread for the 3D comparison cd discussions newer than a few years old I'd start a new thread, and hopefully those who have just recently purchased the 3D mic CD can chime in and share thoughts as well. (and hey, if there are folks out there who bought this comparsion cd years ago, your thoughts both old and new are welcomed and encouraged.)

    I felt like Lynn et al did a fantastic job since the mics I know were easily identifiable even though I don't know the singer's voices, nor the room where they were recorded.

    For the most part the price of the mic matched how I felt about the desirous quality of the mic.

    I thought I'd be able to easily tell the diference between the tube mics and the solid state, however it turned out not to be as easy as I expected in some cases (like the Sanken.) Overall I did favour the tube mics. For my ears I liked the Brauner, Neumann M149, Sheffield, Sanken, Manleys, Soundelux 251 and Sony for these singers.

    The ribbon mics had a very distinct character amongst all the condensers and dynamics, nothing new here, everyone knows, they are dark, but dark in a good way for my tastes. They seem to reveal a nice solid velvety character to the source that condensers and dynamics don't. I own the AEA R84 and it has a dark character to it as well, however it is such a pleasure dialing in a high freq shelf to the R84 as the highs get brighter and clearer in a warm way without the increasingly sharp bite like most condensers can get. Is is any wonder that I liked the AEA R44 the most,....the Coles sounded good too.

    Overall I'm not a big fan of dynamics for singers, however the SM7b works well for those who have grating and powerful voices. And there are situations where I'd chose a dynamic, but I'm probably gonna pick a condenser to bring clarity to the mix. Of all the dynamics on the project I really like the Senn 441.

    I suppose the biggest surprise was that the Telefunken 251 didn't sound 4x better than the mics which cost 4x less. Call it over hyped expectations. It's probably not realistic to expect a $22,000 mic to sound 4x better just based on price alone, and using price as a direct ratio to quality, although I was hoping I'd be able to hear some special quality that separated it from all the rest.
    It was also interesting to hear how close the 251 clones were, Soundelux takes the blue ribbon from this judge. Don't get me wrong, the Telefunk is a great sounding mic, but until I'm using 1000 dollar bills as napkins for my picnic lunches this mic will likely not be in my mic locker anytime soon.

    I liked the sound of the vintage mics on these singers too, although in some cases I felt the modern version was just as good in its own way.

    After listening over and over to the same thing I can't believe at the end of my listening sessions I still wanted to hear more brands of mics,...crazy I know.
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