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Thread: Which of these 7 mic pres (for allround use)?

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    It's funny...I keep hearing people talk about the Great River as having "Thickness" or "Warmth" or "heft" whatever...I really don't find it to be a huge or thick sounding pre at all. In fact on some vocals, it's too bright for my tastes. I do think it's a terrific all arounder though.
    It also sounds great on guitar of any kind.

    When I think of "FAT" I think of the TG-2. Even the UA 610. Those pres sound HUGE on vocals to these ears.

    The BUZZ is one of my favorites, I too got rid of mine for money needs ages ago. It was great combination of clear, and warm.

    So much of all this is a question of what mic you are using.

    Personally, I'd love to hear a Brauner Valvet going into the TG-2 on a female vocal....


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    Originally posted by AB:
    <STRONG>I cannot help but wonder why there is not much talk about Fred's Fetcode preamp. It is great. You can only buy it from him directly at
    Not only is it a great pre, but Fred is a great guy who will spend the time and energy on each customer. Just call him at the phone number on his website and you will find out quickly. (I do not mean to exclude some of the other pre dealers who also provide great service to the customers.)</STRONG>

    I demo'ed a Fetcode at the same time I demoed my CS-1. I could only afford one of them and I needed a channel strip so I let the Fetcode get away. I could only afford one or the other at the time though I seriously considered selling one of my wife's horses in order to kerep it here It was a wonderful sounding piece of kit and I still have fitful dreams about it.
    Doug Joyce
    Animix Productions

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