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Thread: Voiceover equipment (the right one)

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    This is probably not within budget, but I thought it was interesting nonetheless. About a week ago, on one of the morning shows they featured the guy that does all of the VO work for the movie trailers. I noticed he was using a Manley mic, I believe the reference cardioid.
    How come I can take my yorkie into Neiman Marcus but I can't take her into Walmart?

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    Wow Brad, thank you very much for your post. very informative; really appreciate.

    But what do you say if you have any info about Lawson AIR mic ?

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    With all due respect to Brad and others, I've personally seen and worked with more U87ai mics in VO booths than any other mic in the seems to work for the most people and take EQ very well.


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    i'll second the prevalence of the U87 -at least here in NYC.
    i like the sound of it on my voice but i prefer the AKG414. Course, once all of the heavy compression and EQ'ing is done for TV all sounds very different. I like the 414 sound in the headphones -which are predominantly either AKG's or the Senn 7506's.
    My real point however, is what are using for compression and EQ?
    I've no doubt you can improve your setup with any of the above mentioned mics (or pres) but from what i've observed there is always some serious 'treatment' applied after tracking that makes the VO really cut.

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