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Thread: Question about volume of overheads

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    Default Question about volume of overheads


    I am enjoying my first pass through the Preamps in Paradise DVD. Since I mostly record drums, this is my primary focus at the moment. When soloing the overheads, I was wondering why the right channel for preamp I is significantly lower than the left? Compared to, say, preamp O (which is my current favorite for drums) or Q, you can even see the difference on the meters, especially on the first 2 snare hits after the opening fill.

    This is evident on some of the other preamps as well, but I noticed it on "I" first since that's the one I currently own.

    I'm using the Cubase SX session (from this forum) in Cubase 4, btw. (Many thanks to the person who made this available!)

    This DVD is SUCH an ear-opener!

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    Do you mean preamp H?
    It's so funny, because I am, just now, making a project for Samplitude (My new preferred DAW software) and I noticed that same thing, so I thought I'd head on over to this forum to see what others had said...
    ..and you post is at the top of the list! HA!

    You wanna know what's creepier?

    I'M the guy who made the Cubase session!

    Strange fields encircle the Earth sometimes. Maybe you and I should catch up.

    But back to the point, what's the deal with preamp H's overhead right channel??
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