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Thread: Sennheiser MHK40-is RF interference a problem?

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    Default Sennheiser MHK40-is RF interference a problem?

    I am currently demoing a pair of Sennheiser MKH40 cardiods and so far they sound great (have used them for simultaneous PA and live recording of cimbalom, acoustic guitar and fiddle). Given that they are RF type condenser microphones is there any increased risk of outside RF interfering with the mics compared to standard condenser designs?

    On a related note are wireless computer networks likely to cause problems with studio recording equipment? Thanks. Bill

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    Hmmm. I have a couple of MKH mics and never had a problem. And never heard anyone else say they had a problem, but I just heard a short talk from pro TV sound mixer that uses Neumann 100 series and had them fitted with blocking filters for this purpose. Cell Phones, Comtek transmitters, wireless all over the place. Don't know if it was actually a problem, or this was a worst case senario, need to get usable dialog no matter what.
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