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Thread: older Korby mic

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    older Korby mic


    I'm looking for tips, usage, care and feeding, etc.

    I just traded two Neumann 84i mics to Rustsed Root for an older Korby mic with the Empyrean label. This mic has a long nickel plated body and chrome grille assembly. I called the Korbys about this mic before I made the trade, and they said that it had been checked recently and was in great condition, and was voices like a 47. Anybody else used one of these?


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    Bill, I own a pair of Korby CM3's, about 4 years old. They are very nice vocal mics. Huge sounding.

    I believe the mic you've traded for is the predecessor to the units I've got. I think yours has a 12AX7 tube, whereas the CM3's use a mini 5703 like the new Convertible.

    Korby seems to be getting more attention now with the new mic. I love their shockmounts too. Just a solid padded circle that you slip the mic into. No cumbersome elastic or screws to deal with.

    The only bummer with the CM3 is that if a tube goes bad that is soldered directly into the circuit, you can't just pop in another one. Once you get a good tube in there it will last forever though.

    My Korby mics have a very intimate vocal sound. Also, the 5703 tube is nearly identical in spec to the AC701 specified for Neumann mics by German Radio. The Korby's do have quite a bit of that vintage sound to them.

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    Originally posted by beebster:
    ...My Korby mics have a very intimate vocal sound. </STRONG>

    Yes, that is my experience with the older one, too. The Convertible, which I love, is not quite so intimate but I have not heard the 47 capsule yet.


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