Hey everyone,

I got an e-mail yesterday (down below) from a guy that I used to do some freelance work for up in Ohio. Looks like he's trying to move some older gear as he's primarily using PT. I have no affiliation with this studio anymore nor am I getting any kind of kickback... Just thought someone here might be interested in some of this stuff.

Hi Dave,

Know anybody that is looking for some good studio gear?

Here’s what I’ve got for sale (so far):

MCI JH16 – 24 track 2 inch with highly desirable transformers
w/ 24 tracks of DBX 150 Type I noise Reduction
w/controller, reference tapes, many extras

MCI JH110 – 2 track half inch
w/ 2 tracks of DBX 150 Type I noise Reduction
and 2 tracks of Dolby Model 363 SR noise reduction

Yamaha NS-10 Studio Monitors and a Stewart PA 100 Power Amp that I have used with them. These are in excellent condition and are a good match together.

One 96 point patchbay with punchblock connection.

Frankenstein Hammond B3 with Leslie 147 w/original tube amp. The reason I say Frankenstein is it was actually built from 2 different B3s and a couple D parts and is in a C3 cabinet. Never the less, it has always given us the classic B3 sound and has met the approval of a number of well known, upper echelon, organists, like Wendell Lowe.

Please let me know if you know anyone who is interested.


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