These Ribbon Roundup files compare 12 ribbon microphones on four different acoustic sources. Hear the Crowley & Tripp Studio Vocalist, Crowley & Tripp Proscenium, Royer R-122, Royer R-121, Coles 4040, Coles 4038, AEA R84, AEA R92, Beyer M160, RCA 77DX, RCA 44 and Nady RSM-2 side by side on drum kit, electric guitar, saxophone and female voice. This download also includes a 27 page .pdf document that details all the testing procedure and miking techniques used. Can you hear the difference between a $4000 vintage ribbon and a $200 Chinese ribbon? After listening to these audio files, you'll know the answer.

Produced by Lynn Fuston.

NOTE: These are 16-bit, 44.1 kHz AIFF audio files that can be burned directly to CD. Due to a limitation in Windows Media Player, WMP will NOT play these files. They will play in iTunes, Quicktime or on any DAW that supports the AIFF format.

Price: $22.50
File size: 403 MB

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NOTE: High speed internet connection is required since the file is large (~400MB). Files are 16-bit, 44.1 kHz aiff files. Please anticipate 1-2 hours for download.