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Thread: Preamps in Paradise-Preamp Summit Files

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    Default Preamps in Paradise-Preamp Summit Files

    Preamps in Paradise-Preamp Summit Audio Files

    These are the recordings from the Preamps in Paradise Preamp Summit DVD-ROM, the most comprehensive preamp comparison product ever recorded. Featuring 24-bit/48kHz recordings of 6 different instruments (drums, bass, electric & acoustic guitar, piano and voice) all playing the same song through 24 different preamps, the 290 WAVE files allow the listener to hear thousands of combinations of different preamps or how everything sounds through just a single preamp. These performances feature some of Nashville's finest: Paul Leim, Dave Cleveland, Lisa Bevill, Tim Akers, Gary Lunn. Simply load the time-stamped files into your DAW of choice (PT session included) and you will have a preamp jukebox that will allow you to audition preamps or combinations of preamps with a few clicks of the mouse. Also included are liner notes in PDF format, 24 pages of details and pictures about the testing setup, along with comments from participants in the testing. There is a QuickTime movie called "Making the Summit," that allows you to watch what went on behind the scenes. See what it took to accomplish this mammoth task, from setting up and calibrating the preamps to listening to all the different preamp options. There has never been a preamp resource like this. If you seriously want to learn about preamps and the differences in their sounds, you can learn more in a few weeks with this DVD than any way other than collecting all these preamps and listening for yourself.

    Here's a picture of some (not all) of the $150,000 worth of preamps you'll hear.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Listening to these files requires a DAW capable of playing 24-bit/48K WAVE sound files. You will need 3.3 gigabytes of hard drive space. Viewing the PDF documents requires Adobe Acrobat (freely available on the internet) and to view the movies requires QuickTime (available from for both PC and Mac platforms).

    The preamps featured on this DVD-ROM are A-Designs MP-1, API 3124+, Buzz Audio MA 2.2, Chandler TG-2, Cranesong Flamingo, DACS Clear Blue, Daking 52270, D.W. Fearn VT-2, Focusrite 428, Forssell FetCode, Gordon Audio Mk IV, Great River MP2-NV, Groove Tubes VIPRE, Lipinski L408, Manley SLAM!, Mercury M72s, Millennia HV-3D, Neve 1073, Pendulum MDP-1, Summit 2BA-221, TFPro P2, Trident A-Range, TRUE Precision 8, Universal 2-610.

    Produced by Lynn Fuston.

    To buy and download the Preamps in Paradise-Preamp Summit Files, click the button below.

    Price: $20 (Only $5.99 for the months of June and July 2015)
    Size: ~2800 MB (2.8G)

    NOTE: High speed internet connection is required since the file is large (~2.8GB). Files are 24-bit, 48 kHz WAVE files. Please anticipate 2-3 hours for download. Full expanded installation requires 3.3 GB of disk space. So you need to have 6 GB of free space on your drive for the zip archive and the expanded version.
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    Just some of those names in the recording list excited me. It seems like a very hefty product / experiment! Still, it's always an engineer's dream to hook "everything" into "everything else" and start recording. I'm interested in this product.
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