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Thread: ADCD-Analog to Digital Converter Comparisons

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    Default ADCD-Analog to Digital Converter Comparisons

    3D ADCD A-D Converter Comparison files

    These are the files from the 3D ADCD (if you'd prefer the hard copy, it can be ordered here), a set of 2 Redbook audio CDs (16-bit, 44.1 kHz) that features comparisons of 28 different Analog to Digital converters, over $116,000 worth in all. This carefully calibrated comparison features three music sources through each of the converters: 1) an analog remix of a John Wheeler Kerosene Brothers rockabilly song recorded on RADAR at 24/48K, 2) an analog remix from 2" tape of acoustic guitar and female vocal and 3) a DSD recording of the Bob Mintzer big band recorded by Tom Jung. Also included is an externally clocked version so you can compare the converters while uniformly clocked. The included ADCs are

    1) Alesis ADAT HD24
    2) Alesis ADAT XT
    3) Alesis Masterlink
    4) Apogee AD 16
    5) Apogee PSX-100
    6) Apogee Trak 2
    7) Cranesong HEDD 192
    8) Cranesong HEDD 192-process
    9) dB Tech Gold
    10) dCS 904
    11) Delta 1010
    12) Digi 001
    13) Digi 888|24
    14) Digi HD 192
    15) Drawmer
    16) iZ RADAR 96K Nyquist
    17) iZ RADAR 192 S-Nyquist
    18) Lucid 9624
    19) Lynx II
    20) Manley Labs SLAM
    21) Manley Labs SLAM direct
    22) Mytek 8X96
    23) Panasonic 3800
    24) Presonus
    25) Prism AD2
    26) Sonifex
    27) Tascam MX2424
    28) Troisi
    29) Waves L2
    30) Weiss

    Produced by Lynn Fuston.

    To buy and download the 3D ADCD A-D Converter Comparison files, click the button below.

    <a href="" target="paypal"><img src="" border="0"></a>

    Price: $44.95
    Size: ~1400 MB (1.4G)

    NOTE: These are 16-bit, 44.1 kHz AIFF audio files that can be burned directly to CD. Due to a limitation in Windows Media Player, WMP will NOT play these files. They will play in iTunes, Quicktime or on any DAW that supports the AIFF format.

    NOTE: High speed internet connection is required since the file is large (~1.4GB). Please anticipate 2-3 hours for download. Full expanded installation requires 3 GB of disk space.
    Lynn Fuston
    3D Audio

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    It is a very cool piece of technology. I've long been looking for some sort of converter for my family's vast record collection. I'm guessing this is a little more professional than what I'm looking for, but it's one more option.
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