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Thread: Two vocalist, one mic, bad idea?

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    Two vocalist, one mic, bad idea?

    I know in the old days we had limited tracks and many times people shared mic's. (Ah the Beatles singing live). However I have a vocal group which sings in unison on a new project. What do you think about using 2 AKG 414's with a figure of 8 mode?. I would have the two female singers on one 414, and the two male singers on the other. That way they could face each other which should help getting the lines tight. Of course I would make sure that their distance from the mic's are on target and maybe have my Langevin opt limiter up to - 3db on.

    I think that having separate mic's for each singer would be better as you could use separate EQ, and effects to custom each voice and also to control each person's signal with the fader as well. Do people still use figure of 8 for two vocalist or is it more of a proximty effect that they use the figure or omni on voice?

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    I like the 2 or more singers going into one mic in figure 8 mode...

    Nothing mixes as well as air, I believe...and getting it 'right' at the source just HAS to be the easiest yet most effective method...Singers tend to blend themselves.

    Of course, this is only my opinion...but has worked on numerous sessions here.
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    It's a fine idea but you have to blend the singers in the room... move one up, one back, etc.

    I have been using the Soundelux E-49 for this as like an M-49 it has the quality of very low acousticaly born intermodulation distortion.

    Since this sort of thing is usually backing vocals in my work I will often have two different setups... so it's two sets of colored tape [as I reposition the singers for each of the two tracks there is a piece of colored tape on the floor with the singer's name on it so we can get their position back as we go from track to track], two different mic pre's with two different signal processing [compression and occassionally EQ] paths.

    In our room we have a "mic patchbay" so each path is set up to go to a different track on the RADAR... as we move from path to path the output of the mic is moved to a different input path on the way to the recorder... works like a wet dream.
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