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Thread: Sonar 4

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    Sonar 4

    I just received Sonar 4 producer edition in the mail--and even on 1 good ear it sounds noticeably fatter than Sonar 2.

    THe plug-ins are great!!THe Sonitus effects are very transparent.

    THis is going to be the first time I work/expereiment in surround sound. Is anybody using this with a Delta 1010 sound card--any tips,
    Carl J

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    wierd you should mention that combination...this is exactly what i used just the other day to do a session at a studio here in Louisiana....

    sonar 4 is very user friendly, and the 1010 sounds just fine.

    did some tracking with an acoustic, vocals, and some percussion...

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    I love Sonar4 ! I have just gotten Sonar5. Looks to be even more powerful. They've included a convolution reverb and Roland V-Vocal processor to the list of effects and a few new synths to the MIDI goodies. Can't wait to install it and give it a go. I use it with MOTU 896HD's.
    Michael Rogers
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    DeskTop Productions

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