Hallo (email from Holland)

So I bought also 3d CD (for mic test) I found the following mic's great;

Soundelux Elux 251
Telefunken ELA M251
DPA 3541
AudioTechnica 4060
NN Sheffield Labs
Brauner VM1

I have Peluso 2247 (neuman u47 clone). I need a mic, sound like ela m251 or elux 251. I like very open mic, for highend!

AT4060 also great. I have 3 okt. voice, I am tenor. So I need a goed mic, for mid and high end (my power is 2200 til 3000 hrtz) .

SOundelux, telefunken en sheffield are very expensieve :-)

Can you please recomend me 2 or 3 Mic's, which are NICE clones of those mic's (My bugdet is max 2000 dollar)

My pre amp is : Avalon 2022 ( so I sold my Liquid Channel!) and my converter is Lynx Aurora (so I like open transparant equipments)

I am using Logic

In the mean while thank you for your advice!