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Thread: What did you hear?

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    Originally posted by Lee Blaske:
    <STRONG>Mixerman wrote:

    Nice, strong opinions Mixerman.
    One small point, though...

    Is there a reason why you waited until *after* Lynn publicly announced which mix was which to make your post? </STRONG>
    This is still a very VALID point. Curious as to why someone who follows the forums daily to unwind wouldnt have posted an opinion "before" the results were in. Editing a post to "appear" like it was created on a different date isnt too hard.

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    I really would like to hear Lynn's progress with an affordable solution to this. If it
    can be in software form, it'd be better.

    I've proposed this idea to a few software
    developers, a few scoffed, a few are in the
    process of trying to make such a program.

    The answer in hardware would be very simple, and I've suggested it to MOTU and their very responsive tech person who is open minded to new ideas said DAW summing was just fine. He referenced tape/tube sims, which don't at all address this issue.

    My suggestion was an identical box to what
    they offer now, maybe an inch or two deeper to accomodate my idea.

    Rather than running your signal out of a DAC's multiple outputs, via cable, to a mixer or summing box, and then back in as two tracks, simplify it.

    Allow, paralell to the DAC outputs, internal 'DAC outputs'. Meaning, the
    box sends seperate tracks out, on each
    DAC output as assigned, while at the same
    time, by a very short path, well insulated (from RFI), 'wire' (connection). It can be of very high fidelity (as in Monster Studio Pro 1000 - Hell - let Monster design it).

    It would route all 16 or 24 outs to a single pair, all internally hardwired/connected to the high quality A/D converter (again running paralell to the A/D's that it has.

    It can be always on - this connection - or software or hardware selectable (internal or external 'ins and outs'.)

    Even better would be to have an option for a high/low shelf. This since another big down about DAW's is the EQ isn't as good on the high end for broad range boosting (say, just
    a big shelf from 12k up).

    Skip the low even, it's not needed, DAW's do as well on low boost/cut over a wide range of frequencies and do better than all but the most expensive analog EQ on very fine "Q" cuts (notches, etc.).

    That's another challenge for native software. Design an EQ as good at a high shelf boost as the Sony in the TC Electronics card, or the Pultec in the UAD card, or the few at that level in TDM. A VST, DX or AU native program obviously.

    Mark D.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mixerman View Post
    Alsihad is not a joke. It's here to stay. Some people enjoy the term Alsihad, including myself.
    This subject came up last week, along with its author.

    I hadn't heard or thought of it in years. Nor its author.

    Obviously it was NOT here to stay. And turned out to be one of the least memorable and insignificant things from the early 21st century.
    Lynn Fuston
    3D Audio

    Making beautiful music SEEM easy since 1979.

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