so my copy got lost in the post between Lynn and the UK and he had to send me out another so I missed all the fun and games here - I didn't read the board because didn't want to know anything before I listened.

I listened last night and came to very clear opinions very quickly. Not being a user of protools or vintage neve gear (I use Amek9098s and Samplitude/Hammerfall) I was more interested in the different textures and in what I liked, than getting points for guessing correctly. So I can discuss it on that level if anyone wants to engage

I found a huge difference between both sets of mixes. On my system at at least Sample1 sounded lovely and bright and open, dynamic, very musical and a fantastic bit of recording and mixing if I may say so Mr Fuston. Sample2 just sounded okay - the top end lacked definition, it was a little dull overall and didn't have the creamy open sound I enjoy.

I thought sample 6 sounded a bit harsh - just like by B and K omnis do when I used to use them with the converters on my crappy old tascam dat machine. Sort of accurate but not particularly pleasurable. sample 7 had much more depth and cohesion and sounded more natural, more like music

How big were these differences? - well in both cases they might actually affect whether I wanted to part with money in a record shop or not, I know I would listen to sample1 more than sample2 if they were commercial recordings and the same goes for 7 over 6.

I'm a musician and producer who is forced to be an engineer - I don't rate my ears or engineering skills particularly. Though I suppose I have a particular love for analogue sound, I certainly wasn't trying to guess "right" and I'm slightly dissappointed by the competetive attitude shown here. This board hasn't usually been so paranoid. It seems the opposite of what Lynn's great work is about - The mic CD wasn't about recognising the U67 was it? For me it was about finding out about loads I mics I never heard before... some of which I may even afford!

So if you dug the Pro Tools then great - you are lucky! In many ways I would have preferred to have loved the Pro Tools as there is more chance of me getting it one day...

What worris me slightly is that regardless of what people preferred, people mostly seemed to think there wasn't much difference between the mixes - even Lynn. The differences were, to me, very obvious - makes me question the monitoring systems in use as much as anything...

Unfortunately, my conclusion to this is the same as my conclusion to every other CD project Lynn has done - I just really adore the sound of the kind of hugely expensive gear I mostly can't afford!!!!!

So thanks Lynn - keep it coming, its educating me personally more than a thousand magazine articles and I seriously respect you for opening up your vaults in this way

(BTW for anyone who cares I listened using in 44.1khz 32 bit float wav in samplitude out of the the hammerfall's digi out thru the O1v converters into a Bryston 3bst and PMC Tb1 monitors)