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Thread: old protools

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    old protools

    i am new to this site and new to protools .
    I am sorry if this is off topic but i really need to run
    a old protools ( d24 TDM ) on my OS 9 .
    what is the option i got given that 4.3.1 ( the only one
    i got ) don't run on OS 9 . Is buying the version 5 from
    digi the only resort . anyone hear of 4.3.2 ? or anything
    that i can get an update version?

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    I would spring for the PT upgrade. I wouldn't bother trying to run the version you have under OS 8. You'd be moving backwards.
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    Your only option for running PT|24 upder OS9 is to upgrade to PT v5.1.3 ($195). PT v4.3.2 was a bug fix release for 4.3.1 and still required OS8.

    Your other option is to upgrade to PT v6.1 under OS 10.2.6 or 10.2.8 (the last release to support d24 hardware). However, keep in mind the CPU requirements change with PT v6.x as well.

    You can find detailed information at Click support>compatibility, and scroll down to "Previous TDM Releases".

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