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Thread: U87ai vs Manley Reference Cardiod

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    U87ai vs Manley Reference Cardiod

    Greetings one and all!
    I just joined the group yesterday and I am curious to get some second, possibly even third and fourth, opinions on these two mics. I am getting ready to purchase one of them. I will be able to test drive the Manley (I have good relations with the guys I deal with) but not the Neumann. What do you think guys/gals? Which one would be your go-to vocal mic? It would be run predominately through a Vox Box and a Distressor, which is inserted before the Vox Box's EQ. Very present, controlled sound, but it lacks the transparency and the "sheen" that I'm looking for. I'm currently using and AKG414 as my main vocal mic.
    Thanks in advance for your time and please take it easy on me..............I realize I'm a newbie here.
    always learning.
    much love to all......

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    You should post this in the Microphones and Preamps


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