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    I had a female vocalist in to record a worship set.

    When i pointed out we needed to do some of the tracks again because it was a little pitchy and had heard her sing with more expression live and thought she would want to have a good project representing herself so I asked her to do another take.

    Well... she said I have friends who have pitch correction software and they wouldn't make me go through this they would just fix it in the mix.

    How do you explain, yes you can fix notes but you can't breath expression in into a performance with software.

    How do you handle people like that?

    How much should an engineer take on, doesn't the artist have any responsibility in the music they perform any more?

    I am embarrassed to let a person like that take a recording out with my name on it. You think the artist would feel the same way its there music for goodness sakes.
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