It's amazing that these recordings that were done in April 2000, almost as a lark, are still listened to and highly valued today. The original idea was to put a Neve 1073 next to a Mackie 1604 and compare the two, as suggested by an press release from Mackie themselves. Supposedly someone had done it and they liked the Mackie more.

But their testing methodology was flawed, badly, and so I decided to see if I could do the test in a more reliable and meaningful manner.

"But, I could add my Focusrites in there too," I thought. Then someone else had a similar idea. "I could bring my Dakings." "I'll bring my APIs." And on and on it went until we had 34 preamps in the same room for the listening tests. It was an incredible collection of the best preamps made.

So we listened. There were about two dozen that listened. Fortunately, I recorded the listening tests. Those recordings are the contents of the 3D Pre CDs Volumes 1 and 2.

And people are still listening. And making informed decisions based on what they hear, not just on what they read on the internet and in magazines.