Lynn, you said:
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I've been contacted by the Tenn. State Dept. of Education to assist them in reviewing and rewriting their curriculum for their audio engineering courses that are offered at the high school level. I believe there are currently five schools in the state of TN that offer these classes but more are expected.
then asked:
So, here's the question.

A high school age student, what does he need to know to go into recording?
First of all, may I suggest that its a little bit on the closed-minded side to imply that audio engineering means recording? There is way more to audio engineering than tracking, mixing, editing and mastering. I am in no way devaluing those aspects of audio.

In line with what you said earlier:
This is not about making chefs or popping out professional recording engineers. This is about giving students a good foundation for pursuing goals in audio engineering, whether that be in a club, a church, in the parking lot at the Y, or in a studio or their bedroom.
I think you hit the nail on the head there. Expose these students (who are likely intrigued with the industry) to all aspects of audio as a profession. Show them how much audio is an important and integral part of a vast array of industries such as TV, radio, internet, corporate events, sporting events, theatrical productions, concert sound, manufacturing, etc (I'm sure I've forgotten something) as well as the art and science of capturing audio be it in a studio or out in the field.

There is a need for good audio engineers all over out there and, in today's market, one can make a living outside the studio as well as those who are fortunate to be doing it in the studio. I'll be the first to admit, I love working around music the most of all that I do in audio. But there are so many more opportunities out there in audio that require someone who knows and understands signal flow and proper micing and processing techniques and the market is desperate for good engineers. Everyone is different and will gravitate toward what suits their interest and apptitude.

Also, be sure to prepare them to work in a high-pressure, fast-paced environment where things simply can't go wrong.....