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Thread: Recording Fireworks

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    Got lucky with my point & shoot a few times,...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    ...the audio on the other hand is interesting, but sounds more like crackle and popcorn than fireworks, although there weren't alot of sonic boom fireworks, it still doesn't sound as impressive as I imagined it might. It's cool hearing the screech of the fireworks as they leave the barge heading upward before they explode!

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    i see you have already done this gig, but just to comment on choice of mic for general info, a true omni can be superior in not picking up wind noise.
    it takes very little breeze to cause problems.
    also the best wind shields are more technical in design than may be obvious, and are more effective. a foam sock is hopeless.
    i would use an omni for fireworks, thunder etc to get the low fq at such distance.
    more subwoofer shaking than popcorn!

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