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Thread: 3D Snare Mic Comparison

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    Default 3D Snare Mic Comparison

    I went into the studio to see how some of the industry's favorite snare mics compare side-by-side. I took a professional drummer, three different snare drums and sixteen mics, including

    • Shure SM57 vintage
    • Shure SM57 brand new
    • Shure SM57 transformerless
    • Neumann KM84
    • Sennheiser 441
    • Sennheiser 421
    • AKG 451
    • Shure SM7B
    • Shure Beta 57A
    • Shure Beta 56
    • Telefunken M80
    • Shure SM81
    • Sterling ST31
    • Audio-Technica ATM650
    • Beyer M201
    • Audix i5

    And then I added three mics under the snare (451, 57, 4033) and a pair of overheads (U67s). If you've ever wanted to hear how these compare to each other, then here's your chance. All files are 24-bit/48 kHz .wav files. Also includes a 21 page PDF file with all the details and pictures of how the listening test was set up and executed. Needless to say, you'll want a DAW to load these files and compare them.

    This download is a 157Mb .zip file that includes the PDF and all the soundfiles and a PT session.

    On Sale NOW for $5. What a deal!

    This comparison is available for download for $5 at this link or by clicking the button below.

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