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Thread: DPA 4016 with the HMA 5000

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    Default DPA 4016 with the HMA 5000

    Had a chance to work with this combo on a solo piano recording recently. This is the wide cardioid DPA with the 130V preamp. It sure sounds nice. I had forgotten how sweet the reference DPAs are. (Well, I really hadn't forgotten, I just don't get the chance to work with them as much as I'd like.)
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    I discovered recently the combo DPA 4041S (omni LDC) + HMA 5000 and the DPA 4021, the compact version of the 4011 (cardio SDC). Rather on the accurate side than on the sweet side for me. But without any harshness. The 4041 is extraordinary.
    Piano samples:
    4021 + Fearn VT-2
    4041S + HMA5000

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