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Thread: Waves or UAD

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    UAD! I haven't regretted leaving waves stuff behind at all!

    Well, I guess Waves had some good chorus/phase stuff going on. But the hassles of waves, WUPs and Ilocks just wasn't worth the fuss for me. I like the sound quality and DSP of the UAD, it really shines
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    +1 to UAD!!!! I own the waves gold bundle and I can't even rememeber the last time i used them - its been years. OTOH I use the UAD 1176, Pultec Pro. 140 reverb and Space Echo on just about everything. never had any issues with the UAD plugs. wanna buy a waves gold bundle?

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    Two Waves things I haven't been able to replace: RenBass and X-Noise. I have ways to do the other stuff although I'm pretty familiar w/ RenDeEsser. I have many other NR plugs, but on some sorts of BGs X-Noise still seems to work best (and you can never tell what sort of artifact a given plug will throw). RenBass is not duplicated exactly by any other plug I know of (inc other Waves)--it just seems to work extremely well for certain sorts of music that was recorded to be heard at full volume when it has to sit under dialog. Lowender is cool but does something very different than RenBass.

    phil p

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