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    Hi Friends,

    If you can, please say a few prayers for my mother. She seems to be suffering from some sort of dementia. We're waiting to find out more details, but there is clearly a very grave problem at work here. Her long term memory seems fine, but her short term memory is alarmingly bad.

    Please say a few prayers for her, and my family, so that we can somehow find the means to allow to her live in some place other than a nursing home.


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    Is this something that came on suddenly? I have a family member (elderly) who has gotten to the point where we talk about the same exact event (even the same sentences) two to three times within a five minute phone call. I've noticed it gradually getting worse over the past 3 years to the point where it's troubling now. I wonder how long before something really important (like leaving the oven or stove on) is forgotten.

    I will pray. It's disturbing when stuff like this happens so close to home.
    Lynn Fuston
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    Hi Lynn,

    While her memory has been bad for quite some time, it seems to have gotten worse 2 years ago, following major spinal surgery. She came through that reasonably well physically, but aside from memory issues her personality changed. She complained more and, to put it frankly, was not always honest with us. The day after Christmas she was in a car crash. She broker her wrist and bruised a few ribs, but was otherwise fine physically. But following this accident, her memory has gotten alarmingly bad.

    Like you, the heart of the worry is wondering is she can continue to live on her own in her apartment. She lives 9 hours from me, so it is very hard for me to see her. We're hoping she can be evaluated and assessed, but I find it hard to see how she can live alone.

    As difficult as it is to see a loved one struggle this way, it is made all the more difficult as my brother and I - like millions of Americans have faced (if not tens of millions) - face the problem of how and where she will live.

    She lives by very modest means, and no one in my family has been successful financially. So, she seems to be in the position of not being eligible for Medicare by a few hundred dollars. Medicare would allow her to live in assisted living (where there would be specific treatment and care), and not a nursing home (where there is not likely to be the same level of specific care). As it is, the combined income of my mother, my brother and I is not enough to pay for assisted living. The alternative appears to be that when the time comes (she will live with me in my apartment as long as possible) she will have to live in a nursing home.

    Thanks for your prayers.

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    Count me in Daniel, prayers sent for your Mom, you and your family...

    Best regards, Brian.
    Brian Shillito
    Blackfish Sound Studio
    West Vancouver B.C.


    Who added the "AT"?

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    I hope this passes, can be resolved or managed. Same thing is happening here after mom took a fall. Prayers offered.
    Doug Joyce
    Animix Productions

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