This is a great bundle including Waves GREATEST comps...the SSL & CLA!!!

No reserve!!! Be Quick!!

Waves SSL, CLA, CLA Signature & Native Power Pack V8

eBay item 140507670519 end time Feb-11-11 07:14:15 PST

There are 5 bundles included in this!

Waves SSL 4000 Collection Native (V7)
Waves CLA Classic Compressors Native (V8)
Waves Chris Lord-Alge Artist Signature Collection (V8)
Waves Native Power Pack (V8)
Waves GTR Software (V8)

Includes WUP until October 2011 (excluding SSL) !!!!

I will send you the ilok and you will take over my waves account.

I missed upgrading SSL to V8 by 2 days and am arguing with them trying to get it upgraded, but no promises!!