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Thread: Good word for my Dad

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    Default Good word for my Dad

    Hey Guys,

    My Dad, who lives exactly on another side of the globe in Siberia, just called me the other day to inform he was diagnosed with lung cancer (quit smoking cold turkey some 20 years ago). The surgery should be this coming Tuesday. He is not all that old-- only 74. Please send his way good word and positive energy.

    Just half a year ago we lost my wife's beloved father, who passed away after some 7 weeks of struggling with pancreatic cancer. If something wrong happens now that would be just way too many losses for this year.

    Thank you all, M
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    I will pray for your father.

    Peace -
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    Prayers sent for your father and your family Mark.

    Best regards, Brian.
    Brian Shillito
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    West Vancouver B.C.


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    I'll say a prayer as well.
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