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    Default Slate digital VCC

    I'm wondering if any of you lads or lasses have tried this console emulation for your ITB mixes? I've tried it briefly and my experience was positive. It seemed to add some mojo to an old mix, where I wanted to beef up the sound. I don't have enough experience with it yet to really say anything intelligent about it, been up to my armpits in insulation and dry wall on a rebuild of my control and live room and not doing any tracking or mixing to speak of. My sole experience with it was to just add it to a small track count demo and see if it made any real difference to the mix. Anybody else tried it? Take care Logan

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    No answer but I second the question!

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    Hi, guys.

    Took somebody's WWord for it and bought it.
    Like it, but only limited use so far.
    No regrets for the purchase.

    The difference between the "models" can be subtle.
    The difference between using it and not was fairly noticeable.

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    Bill I feel the same with my initial trial. I've been trying to find something that gives my mixes something closer to the sound that I remember from the days when I used tape and mixed through a console. Been trying decapitaters and tape emulation and all that stuff and the VCC seems to help in that regard. I'm looking forward to getting the control room done and being able to get back to some experiments. Of course then I'll have a console, my D&R, again so maybe a neve or Api or trident through a D&R will be too much. take care Logan

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