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    Default Rock song for critique

    Greetings all!

    Iím a long time lurker on this site, where I feel Iíve learned a lot. Thanks! Now Iím prepared to see if Iíve really learned all that much.

    Attached is a recording of a song I wrote and produced with the help of a local musician here in Split, Croatia. He plays bass, Spanish and lead guitars, and provided some mixing input.

    I want to know how it sounds to those with ďreal ears.Ē This was recorded and mixed in a treated room (homemade bass traps, wall and ceiling panels, using rock wool, with wood boards over the ceramic tile floor), tracked through an Apogee Duet, then mixed/mastered on a Fireface, monitored through Adam A7s. With this equipment, if somethingís wrong I figure itís me. I can provide more equipment info if anyone asks.

    My main concern is not the merit of the lyrics (it is a Christian song), the melody or genre (itís a rock song), or even the singing/playing (my ego is not wrapped up in my voice), though Iím happy to receive any feedback regarding these. Feel free to comment on any aspect of the song/performance/recording.

    However, my main concern is that Iíve invested time, energy, and financial resources in building a studio in my basement and I want to see what Iíve achieved sound wise from neutral sources. I have a day job that Iím comfortable with; Iím not looking for a career change. I just want to do the best job possible with recording my songs. To do that I need the help of others; maybe you?

    So, can you help me out? What do you hear wrong? What do you hear right? On the vox? Acoustic guitars? Electrics? The mix? The mastering?

    There are three primary sections in the song: a soft acoustic section, a soft electric section, and a hard electric section. Therefore, I think this song should give a broad enough spectrum to reveal areas for improvement any type of music in the future.

    I tend to be long winded, as this post shows. The song is no different, clocking in at 5:53. The link below is to a host site that another forum I interact with primarily uses for these kinds of critiques.

    Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


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    Hey Eric,

    Check your PM.


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