I've been back and forth on membership policy. For a while I thought accepting all comers was the way to go. To grow the forum to hundreds of thousands of members. But with that comes the job of keeping up with spammers and scammers and hackers and such. I've finally decided that's not what this forum is about. I don't want a recording "Wild West" show where anything goes. Including the incredibly high Noise-to-Signal ratio that comes along with that.

I prefer a select group of knowledgeable, respectful professionals and non-professionals, who are eager to share and committed to the truth, not myths and rumors.

So, with that in mind and the perspective that I've been deleting new applications for membership from hacker/spammers at the rate of about 50 each week, I've decided that members from now on will be accepted by recommendation. So if you know someone that would like to participate, please recommend them. Or if you are not a member and would like to recommend yourself, please do. Contact me by email at go3daudio@aol.com.

I hope this will make for a safer and more stable (non-hacked or threatened) environment. Please understand that my goal is NOT to be exclusionary, but primarily to protect the members that are already here from internet threats.

All previous members (over 8000 of them) will be grandfathered in.