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Thread: FS: Pair of Pearlman TM-LE Mics

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    Default FS: Pair of Pearlman TM-LE Mics

    For Sale: A consecutive pair of Pearlman TM-LE tube mics (Pearlman TM-2s upgraded with reconditioned Neumann K67 capsules), $1395 each ($1,900 new), including fully insured FedEx Ground USA shipping, Paypal.

    2-3 years old, Near-Mint Condition, Consecutive serial numbers. Also upgraded with 2x Telefunken 6AK5W military-spec tubes (stock tubes also included) Mics come with original 2x mic clips, 2x PSUs, 2x 7-pin Mogami interconnect cables, 1 aftermarket case).

    They have something of a U67 sound, but the amp is based on a U47, so it has some of that bigness as well.

    Here are Hi-Res Photos of these mics:
    <Pearlman TM-LE #26> [SOLD]
    <Pearlman TM-LE #27> [SOLD]

    Also now up on eBay:
    <> [SOLD]

    Thanks for looking,
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