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    "The flight paths of space objects are very predictable. If you precisely know the location and the speed of something, well then, you can predict where it's going to be at any time in the future, as long as you don't go too far out," Mark Boslough, a researcher on asteroid impacts and physicist at Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico, revealed."


    Talking about DA14, which will miss Earth, but it seems the meteorite that exploded over Russia escaped notice. 500 people injured.

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    We find out about objects in space by seeing them move across the sky. The problem is that stuff that is headed straight for us doesn't appear to move across the sky ("So I'm wondering - why is that Frisbee getting bigger? And then it hit me."). The current asteroid 2012 DA14 was only spotted a year or so ago, and only that far out because it isn't on a direct collision course. The more direct the path, and the smaller the object, the harder it is for us to detect in advance.

    The more worrisome object is 2004 MN4 (frighteningly nicknamed "Apotheosis"), which will pass very close to us on 4/13/2029, but will not hit us then. We are not sure how much its path will be deflected by Earth's gravitational field, but once we see that, we should know whether or not it will hit us on its next pass in 2035. BTW, Apotheosis is significantly bigger than 2012 DA14 - about 320 meters wide.


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