Mackie MDR 24/96

I'm selling my precious Mackie hard disk recorder. I have just removed it from my studio rack where it has been since I purchased it. It is in pristine condition...MINT. I enjoyed using this unit to track sessions here at the studio. It worked flawless. When I removed it, I tested it (first time it's been on in a couple of years) and I got the common Error 43, which could mean several things. Upon investigation, I found the BIOS backup battery had died (0.35v from a CR2032 3V lithium battery). Thus, the unit lost all of its BIOS settings. After replacing the battery and going through the procedure to restore the BIOS settings to their proper parameters (as outlined in Mike River's guide to this recorder, which I will include for FREE), the unit is back up and works perfect!

While I was in the unit, I installed a VGA PCI card (that you would need if this problem were to ever happen again) and made the rear keyboard port accessible. Also, I remembered that I had purchased the optional BIOS Firmware Update from Mackie that gives the unit the ability to accept hard drives larger than 30GB. So, I swapped that while I was repairing her. Certain BIOS settings had to be altered for that new BIOS chip, and now she's back BETTER than new! That BIOS chip alone is selling for over $100 today on eBay.

This unit has three (3) of the DIO-8 cards (ADAT/TDIF) for a total of 24 digital I/O. Those cards are included.

I also have two hard drive caddies with hard drives that are included. I think the hard drives are 20GB, but not certain. They do power up and seem to run fine.

I'm including Mike River's book "The Last Mackie Hard Disk Recorder Manual" which is an exhaustive technical document on this unit.

I have the original Owner's Manual on CD. I have the PDF manual on my iPad, which is still downloadable from Mackie's website.

The software disks are also in the box.

It comes with its original box. I'm a box hoarder.

The Remote24 is optional (see below).

Asking $500 plus shipping. Check, MO, or PayPal.

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Mackie Remote24

And, you will probably want a remote for it (or it would be nice). So, I also have a Mackie Remote24 designed especially for this unit, as well as the HDR. It is also in excellent condition, and comes in the original box with its cable.

(NOTE: At this time, I won't sale the remote separately. Must be purchased with MDR. If MDR sells without remote, then it's obviously available separately)

Asking $200.

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These items may go to eBay in the coming weeks, if not sold here.

My contact info is on my website!