One of my next major expenses in the studio planned for this summer is new, or additional, acoustical treatment. Most of this remodel will probably be DIY, just because I think I can, I have the time during the summer, and it will probably be much more cost effective. With that said, I'm looking for those that are willing to give advice, because I do have some questions.

I will start with the control room, mainly due to I believe that room could use the most help. My main room actually sounds fairly well, and I may just build a couple of nice, tall gobos for that room. I will post 3D pixs and photos of that room later.

The control room really needs attention, mainly below 300 Hz, obviously. I will post some frequency response plots soon, since the ones I have are outdated (new desk installed, and equipment layout has changed).

Attached are the 3D renderings I did of the studio in SketchUp. They are far from perfect (first experience with SketchUp), but they do give you an idea of the control room and its dimensions. I've also included an actual photo. I will have to post the other photos in another post.

I have one main question that looms in my thoughts, almost daily: Should my room orientation be changed? Should my console and desk actually be on that left wall instead of the current position in front of the window? At one time in the past, I did move my monitors over on that wall on stands to test my theory. It was a quick and dirty test, but I don't remember enough difference to motivate me into re-orienting the room. But, I could see once everything was moved, there may be an advantage. Not sure. I certainly don't like how close the sofa is (and, as a result, clients) is to the console desk.

I originally thought the angled wall was a great idea...and I think it is for the main room on the other side of it. But for that small control room, is it its Achilles heel?

Here are my thoughts and initial plans:

1) [Possibly] Re-orient the room as discussed above.

2) Create a "cloud" of multiple 12"x12"x2" absorbers (or some aesthetically pleasing sizes) suspended from the ceiling as to allow a 1" gap between them and the ceiling.

3) Add 48"x24"x4" broadband absorbers (such as OC 703/5 panels) in corners at 45deg. over existing Lenrd bass traps, where possible. In corner near door, that's not possible. Place panel on wall close to corner, behind door when open.

4) Add 48"x24"x2" broadband absorbers on wall behind listening position, replacing the current foam.

5) Possibly remove all foam, replacing it with OC 703 2" (or 4", where feasible) panels.

Note: Some panels will be built slightly different to prevent too much high frequency absorption. I realize in this room, all of the bass "issues" won't be remedied, so to prevent the room from sounding "deep," I will need to prevent over-absorption of the highs.


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