Here are my new studio gobos. So far, I have built two sets, which is probably enough. There is a lower unit and an upper unit (that will contain a window)--a stackable set. In the photos, they are not 100% finished. They are missing the stacking latches to hold them tightly together. The upper ones are currently missing the window panels, and the lower ones are missing the casters and caster brackets. But, I couldn't wait to share them!

Some construction notes... They are double-sided, with both sides being somewhat identical. The dimensions are 44"W x 33"H x 8"D. I'm not sure of their weight...not too bad. The "ingredients" were chosen based on my design for them to be absorbent relatively evenly from lows to highs, without being overly absorbent of just the highs. They should absorb down below 100 Hz, to some degree, since they were designed as a "bass trap," of sorts.

Their main application for me is to be used as dividers during tracking certain duets, trios, and quartets, when I know vocal editing is in the cards! They don't look too bad, either, considering I'm really no cabinet maker.

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