I realize that this is borderline "Quag" material, but given this is a public prayer venue, I would assume that there is a general consensus that prayer,and also implicitly, God, are GOOD things. I also ask this because I feel that our ability to express our prayers as Christian or God-fearing individuals is increasingly being put into jeopardy.

Right now, I pray that our freedom to prayer remains a privilege within our society. Our freedom to worship, freedom to express that we do believe in a moral Right and Wrong. Freedom to gather, and form faith-based organizations, activities, churches,and businesses without those beliefs being undermined by those who would seek to destroy them from within or without.

I ask prayers for the businesses and business owners and founders who proudly wear their faith as a part of their business practice, but who would be forced to violate their faith by oppressive forces. Call them policies, call them bullies, or whatever you may, but there are indeed forces at work that seek to destroy the hard work of good people of conscience.

I say this not only as someone whose religious freedom is being put into jeopardy in my local area (as we speak now, our churches and attached schools are being pressured into doing and promoting things that clearly violate our beliefs), but also as someone who works for a large, international Christian relief organization that has had faith-based hiring practices challenged in recent years. To make a simple analogy, if you could imagine someone who is openly "Pro-Satan" coming to work for a Christian organization or church and promoting their agenda from both within and without, you can pretty much see what legal issues and such have come to face both my Church and the company that I work for have been facing.

Regardless of faith, one should never be forced into a situation of having to compromise or deny it.

Let the new year ring out for all! Blessings to all!