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Thread: Location sound: A hypthetical situation

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    Is there a "battery eliminator" option for the 680? Like a line lump? I rarely record in places where there is no AC.

    I was thinking of this exercise for a cross country trip where everything would need to fit in a backpack or in
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    I own the DR-680 and it's been a work horse. It's not a Sound Devices but for the price and features, I'm not complaining. I am curious about the MK II version. Sounds like they improved the things that mattered. Not sure about the headphone amp. That was a weak point. Doesn't appear to have any more power than the original one. I've used mine on a number of film shoots and always rent these batteries called BLUE (or something like that). They power various things, about the size of an old Sony broadcast camera. Lasts all day and then some. Ran the Tascam and the wireless receivers off them. I think they were from IDX. NP1 style if my memory doesn't fail me.
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    There is a port for 12VDC in midway down the right side. All you'd need would be a couple of "proper" male coax plugs, and anything from a 8xAA clip to a 12v motorcycle battery to the wall wart supply they provide. I'm running three AtomOS video recorders now, and all are powered by battery packs and wall warts I modified to Anton Bauer "D" plug adapters, mostly sourced from China via eBay. The parts, with a bit of careful soldering and a VOM for proper polarity, were vastly more affordable than film biz DC power solutions.

    I'm thinking the expectation for a "big" machine like the 680 on 8xAAs in light of the power requirements of the Zoom/Roland/Tascam stereo recorders might have been a tad high. Having an outboard clip with 8xAAs onboard would seamlessly double the runtime with very little additional weight or bulk. If it was me, I'd have 24 Sanyo Eneloop NiMH rechargeables and a 16-bay universal power + 12V charger in the bag. Any time I had wall power or a 12V accessory outlet in a vehicle available, 16 would be charging, and 8 would be in the machine. But, then, I'm old and like backups for my backups... which is why I'd also have some AA Alkalines (Energizer or ProCell) as well.

    BTW... B&H has the first gen for $435.00. That's shocking, in that I paid $350 for my Edirol R09-HR in 2008. DR-680mkII haven't hit the box stores yet, it seems.

    ... and, FYI, here's a link to a thread over on the GS Remote forum re: DR-680 and the Busman mod, which quiets the analog stage, with samples. Go here:

    Happy wandering!

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    The DR-680 comes with electrical power with an inline lump power supply. I use it that way most of the time. It'll run about 4 hours with 2 channels recording using phantom power. The Mk II version gives you about an extra 30 minutes. It was mentioned that someone used 32 batteries in one day. That's a long day. The DR-60 goes through a set of batteries every 2 hours.

    Depending on the number of phantom powered channels being recorded and the type of batteries used, you can extend it close to 9 hours. If you were doing film sound, I'd opt for the option I mentioned previously. We always rent two of the NP1 batteries and adapters that plug right into the power jack on the 680. Lasts more than a day but put it on the charger at night and grab the other battery. Way less hassle. Fits in the PortaBrace case I have for it.

    Considering I bought it when they were just under $900, today's price is a steal.

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    For a live on location gig like that, I'd be tempted to take a Metric Halo ULN-8. It's an 8 (analog) channel interface with good pre-amps and converters. Very flexible Quite popular with a number of live on location guys as this is what it is designed for. The interface, an MBP, your mics / cables / stands / backup drives, etc and provided the power is actually there, you're good to go. If power is an issue, there are options to use 12V sources.

    That unit is expensive to purchase, but many places rent them out for such occasions.
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