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Thread: Any love for the Audio Technica 4060?

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    Default Any love for the Audio Technica 4060?

    They seemed to have re-released this mic, improved some spec's but basically being the same mic. If your looking for a tube mic that lacks the top end, it seems the 4060 might be a good option. Any users out there that can comment?

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    Yes. It's my go-to vocal mic, and has been for years. Mine doesn't lack any top end. It doesn't flatter it, either. I now own a Miktek CV4 and a custom designed C12-flavor tube mic, but the 4060 sits front and center.

    When it was new, it had some noise that was not normal. I sent it back to AT for warranty repair and they replaced the tube and who knows what else. Excellent service by AT. It's been awesome ever since.
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