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    Default RIP John Hall,

    John Hall, console designer, was a member here and contributed occasionally. He also appeared on the Designer's Panel of the Preamps in Paradise event. He was a fascinating individual and I always learned something when we talked.

    I just found out that he died earlier this year.

    Here's a note from Facebook that was posted by Tree Audio in February 2015.

    John Hall, a significant influence on the audio world, and specifically Tree Audio, passed away last Sunday in Nashville. He was an innovative audio designer and mentor to Steve Firlotte of Inward Connections and Tree Audio. They began working together at Quantum Audio Labs from 1980 to 1986. When John retired, he and Steve worked together on the DMS monitoring system using the SPA690 amplifier blocks designed by John Hall. Ever since then Steve has been using the SPA690 in Inward Connections and Tree Audio products. The very first Tree Audio console Steve Firlotte and Ian Gardiner designed together was The Dymaxion which featured pure Class-A discrete tubes on the input side, and the monitor section featured Class-A discrete transistor. These were based around the John Hall's designs (Langevin, Altec, etc.) using his SPA690 amp block.

    "In the late 60′s and early 70′s, American designers like John Hall progressed recording technology by introducing some of the finest Solid State transformer based preamp designs anyone had ever seen. First for Altec and then for companies like Electrodyne. Electrodyne built the first ever “console” as we know them know. Echo sends…replaceable channel strips…VCA’s. These were highly sought after designs and everyone who was everyone recorded on them. The Beach Boys, Frank Sinatra, Motown, Stax, Decca and so on…. Electrodyne eventually became quad-eight during the early 70′s."

    Above excerpt, from this link -

    1941, John began working in audio for a small theater chain. He then worked for a recording company, traveling to Europe to do stereo recordings using the Magnacord PT-6. With this experience and knowledge, he turned his talents to product design. John's first project was the Livingston Binaural Tone Arm, which he called "the two-headed monster". From there, he developed a variety of products: Passive graphic equalizers, rotary step attenuators, plug in EQ modules, and the first commercially manufactured solid state mic pre amp, the Langevin AM-16. He continued with cutting edge designs, such as the SPA690 Discreet Op-amp block used in many Inward Connections and Tree Audio products today.

    In 2006, John Hall was presented with the AES Silver Medal Award for nearly 40 years of innovative work in the development of phonograph and tape recording and reproduction equipment, stereophonic technology, mixing consoles, and signal processing equipment.

    John Hall was not only a mentor to Steve, but a close friend. He will be greatly missed. Yet his contributions to the audio world will live on.

    Image is John Hall receiving the AES Silver Medal Award from Jim Kaiser in 2006.
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