About time, huh?

This is a special group of recording-interested people. (I almost said "gear heads.") People tell me that frequently when I'm out in public, even those members who rarely post. The members here are willing to share and speak authoritatively on a wide range of recording subjects, making this a very unique group. And in honor of that uniqueness, Softube would like to give a gift to one member of the groups here at 3D/FB and 3dB.

No long contest rules, no email harvesting, just take a look at the Softube URL below to see all the cool plug-ins that Softube makes. I'm playing with these myself at the moment and there are some really nice options. Read through the descriptions and see which one you'd most like to own. There will be one winner in this drawing who will receive their choice of any plug-in on the page below, with values ranging from the $99 Tonelux Tilt up to the $269 TSAR-1 Reverb. If the winner prefers, he or she could choose to get a 50% discount voucher for the Summit Audio Grand Channel ($329) or Tube-Tech Classic Channel ($489) which features the CL1B, ME1B and PE1C compressor and equalizers.

To enter, take a look at the audio plug-ins at the URL below and read what they do, then reply to this thread with the name of your favorite.


If you're not sure which would be your favorite, here's another special deal. Softube offers a 20-day free trial for any or all of them so you can try them out on your system, offered as a time-limited demo. Please note that Softube plug-ins no longer require a USB iLok key. They do, however, require that you get a free iLok account and install the iLok License Manager Application on your computer. To find out if they will run on your system, check this system requirements page: http://www.softube.com/download.php

To enter, just reply to this thread (or enter at the original 3dB forum on the web) and mention the name of the plug-in you would most like to own. It's that simple. In order to have sufficient time to try them out, the contest will run until August 15 with submissions accepted until 11:59 PM CST on that day, with the drawing on or before August 18. The winner will be notified via either FB or email.

So look at those plug-ins and see which one you'd like. With such a small group entering, you have some pretty good odds.