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    Default Going Away Party

    Subtitled: "As close to a retirement party as any engineer is likely to get."

    David Kalmusky of Addiction Sound Studios wanted to host a going away party for me and insisted that I come. :-)

    It will be Wednesday, July 15, at his Addiction Studios in Berry Hill from 6 until 7 PM.

    Here's his post from the 3D/FB page:

    Hey Guys. Our very own Lynn Fuston, after hanging his hat in Nashville for 37 years, is moving away for a new opportunity / chapter in life. Id like to invite all of Lynns Nashville engineer, and studio friends to our space, Addiction Sound Studios here in Berryhill for an hour, to drop by, raise a toast to our great friend, whos contributed so much to this recording community, as he sets off on new endeavors.

    THIS Wednesday July 15th from 6pm - 7pm

    Please RSVP
    Subject: LYNN

    Please have colleagues of Lynn, that may not be in this FB group, RSVP the information above, as you inform them of this drop by visit.
    Maybe there's a gold watch.... (Make that gold iPhone.)

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    I hope it's a great send-off!

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