First thing this morning I was greeted with the news that I was being laid off. No big surprise, really. Business for a small scale CD duplicator isn't what it used to be.

As I reflected on the past 14 years, I was reminded of my first experience with 3dB... back in 1999. I had just been laid off from a CD replication facility and had no clue where to turn as someone 4 years out of recording school, with only a small amount of useful experience. Living in Utah at the time didn't help much. So, I decided to post to the Yellow Board. It was poorly worded as I recall, something to the effect of "Anyone know where I can find an audio job?"

As you can imagine, most of the responses were less than helpful (to put it politely). It would be at least another 5 years before I would speak up here again, under a different login (I forgot the old one).

I'm glad I stuck around though. You people have been a ton of help over the years. In a couple of cases, you've even made me look smart. (No mean feat).

Thanks for everything. Now, onward and hopefully upward. Let's see what the future holds.

Oh, and, does anyone know... nevermind. I'll hit Google.