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Thread: Plug ins better than hardware during mixing?

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    Default Plug ins better than hardware during mixing?

    A lot of us project studio owners look at many of the high end gear out there (we have some of course in our studio) and almost nice it would be to have this and that in our studio.

    I met one person who had amazing high end gear in his studio, but a couple years later, sold a lot of it. He reasoning was with plug ins, you sit in your sweet spot between your monitors and make adjustments. This is the best way to mix in your studio, and I tend to agree with him. With many hardware gear in studios, your bending down to your left, to your right or behind you and then make adjustments. It is a bad way to determine if the adjustments your making are good ones. That was his main reason for selling a lot of his gear. The other reason was the plug in recall capability.

    Granted mastering studios usually have all their gear up front and next to them, but many recording studios have them in racks all over the studio. Granted you could have another person move a knob for you, but if your like me, you want to control what your hearing and how to adjust the knobs.

    For those who have worked in pro studios, do you agree with this assesement or have your found a work around these issues?

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    At first, this may be...but after you get to know the sweet spots of your hardware, you set it and move least that's what I did. Besides, I never thought sweeping thru the dials was ever a good idea. Fine tune a nudge or two, but extreme knob excursions (I was taught/experienced) were not in anyone's interest.
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    In a proper studo the acoustics are far better than in a home set up. when we designed my new room we took good care to have a big enough sweet spot even at the racks in the back. I feel pretty save to turn a knob or two
    I think this sitting in the sweet spot is a bit overrated - sure it makes sense to have the most important instruments near the sweet spot on your console - for example I have the lead vocals always on channel 25 which is right next to the master section in the middle. On the other hand I move a lot and really don't like to sit for too long in my chair - I need some body movement to get into the groove and dancing over to channel 13 for the kick is way more fun than adjusting a plug on a screen (which never sounds as cool as the console to begin with) YMMV of course

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    In this video Steve Vai speaks about custom designing his desk so he could monitor in position while EQing:

    If you've not used it, Acustica makes a plug-in called Nebula which nearly equals hardware sound-wise in some contexts. It's not very usable but sonically it can be downright amazing. Game changer for small sessions but not practical for large sessions or real time work.

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