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Thread: Mackie Hr 824

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    Mackie Hr 824

    Any thoughts on these monitors?

    Im thinking to buy a pair but would like some opinions before i go ahead with the purchase.

    I have listened to them before but my impression was that they were a bit too flattering for the mix and a bit undefined in the top end, but the low end is there.

    Any experiences to share?

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    ultima, the Macks are very popular but speakers are tough to recommend because everyone hears a little differently. Also, room placement can make even the best speakers sound bad.

    I honestly do not want to tell you how to build a watch when all you asked was what time it was, but there are a couple of points to keep in mind.

    Get the best possible monitors you can afford. It's ironic that we often spend thousands of dollars on mic pres, mics and other outboard gear and then make critical decisions based on mediocre speakers.

    If I am trying to decide on what mic to use on a vocal or instrument and I can't trust my monitors, then all the money spent on expensive mics are wasted. When someone says the xyz mic pres sounds more transparent than the abc, how do you know unless the monitors being used are accurately (the term accurate is used relatively in this context) conveying what is feeding them ?

    Nearfields should not flatter your mixes but show off any potential problems. They should "Translate" meaning once you get a good mix on your reference monitors they should work for just about any other playback system.

    Think of it as having calibrated monitors. Just like you have to know that 0db is really 0db on someone elses system, you have to know that what you are hearing on your monitors is what most everyone else will get as well.

    The other criteria is that I have to be able to work for at least a few hours or more and not ruin my hearing. There are a few so called "standard" monitors that can produce a mix that translates but after a hour or two your ears are so fatigue that the rest of your day is wasted.

    IMHO the Mackies are too boomy in the low end. I find it hard to get a good mix that translates to other systems. Granted if you work at it long enough you can compensate for the sound of the Mackies and get a mix but I think it takes a lot more work.

    You owe it to yourself to check out the ADAM's P-11-A's or the Genelec 1030A.

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