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Thread: 2004 Year End Web Stats

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    2004 Year End Web Stats

    I just noticed today (12/31/04) that surpassed the million hits a month mark yesterday. The following stats are from the month of December 2004 alone. Please know that I find this fascinating and only post it here in case others might find it fascinating as well. I know there are many pro audio sites with more members and more traffic, but that doesn't concern me. I care about this little corner of the internet that we have here.

    13,237 unique visitors
    29,932 visits
    174,545 pages (5.8 pages/visit)
    1,000,5027 hits (34 hits/visit)
    13.43 GB of bandwidth

    For the calendar year of 2004, there have been:

    Over 125,000 unique visitors
    272,101 visits
    1,538,867 pages viewed (5.65 pages/visit)
    8,598,176 hits (32 hits/visit) and
    112.22 GB of information bandwidth distributed around the world.

    Over 41,000 of those visits have been for 15 minutes or longer. 10,000 visits have been for an hour or longer.

    Over 1.3 million of those visits, came in at 3dB.

    The most popular "Face to Face" interviews were George Massenburg with 1071 listeners, Hutch from Manley with 549 listeners, and Dan Kennedy with 394 listeners.

    Just thought you might like to know.
    Lynn Fuston
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    cool stuff

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    I've never been a fan of the "hits" stat. It sounds impressive but doesn't mean anything. Many sites pass off their hits numbers as their visitor numbers.

    But, the unique visitors stat is the thing and I'm impressed that 3d got 13,237 unique visitors last month. And, what's even more impressive to me is that you are getting good fraction of pros in the mix. And, those who aren't pros can get a nice learning experience.

    Thanks for hosting a place for us to come together and for doing the audio interviews. I'm especially fond of the Dan Kennedy and David Bock interviews.

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    I'm glad your site is successful, Lynn, it deserves to be. Thanks for an easy-going informative forum, your good attitude always sets the tone here and I appreciate it.


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    I agree that the raw hit count number is fairly meaningless, although it is an easy stat to throw out and an indicator used by many to verify activity.

    To me, with a site like this, the best indicator is the "time spent" at the site. That measures "meaningful activity." Once a site is registered with lots of search engines, there will always be a big percentage of accidental hits, people that do a search and end up on your site by mistake. They are the ones who spend 30 seconds or less and should be thrown out.

    But look at the pages/visit stat. It's almost 6 pages per visit. Now throw out all those people who ended up here by accident and only looked at a single page and you realize that the people who come here look at lots of pages per visit and spend a good deal of time here. At least that's the way I read it.

    I look at which files and pages people are going to and how many people are spending how much time strictly at my site. Point of entry and exit are meaningful as well.
    Lynn Fuston
    3D Audio

    Making beautiful music SEEM easy since 1979.

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    There's probably some degree of inaccuracy to these numbers, unfortunately.

    If they are collected from the log files, they don't accurately represent length of stay, since it's impossible for the system to know "when you left" without some kind of client side software.

    Unique visitors really means "unique web browsers", and may or many not be subverted by various security settings in the browser.

    So, that obviously starts to mess with numbers like page gets per visit, etc.

    Don't get me wrong -- I love this place -- but collecting these kinds of statistics accurately is a pretty good challenge.
    Jim Dugger
    Poorhouse Productions

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