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Thread: Digi unveils the future of ProTools

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    Default Digi unveils the future of ProTools

    Breaking New Ground in Software Licensing

    In a bold yet risky move, Digidesign again proves it is the 800 pound
    gorilla that eats (and does) whatever it wants. In light of its near
    monopoly on the professional DAW market, Digi has decided to break new
    ground with its new DigiWorldNet service, timed to coincide with the release
    of its new ProTools Version 6.0 software.

    Sighting the free exchange of copyrighted software and the need for
    up-to-date software revisions, Digidesign announced that its new ProTools
    6.0 software (available Q4 '02) will NOT be available for sale. Unlike past
    upgrades, existing users will not be able to purchase it by paying a flat
    fee either. Instead Digidesign will follow the lead of other software
    manufacturers (Microsoft, NetLedger, Oracle) and make its software available
    on a lease-only basis. This will allow only registered user/subscribers to
    use the PT software.

    The idea of renting software might seem uncanny, but there are two sides to
    this story, so we will should consider both sides. There are more advantages
    than you might imagine. Let's examine them point by point.

    First, if you don't "own" the software and you stop paying the monthly fee,
    then you don't have it anymore. You are no longer able to use it. That would
    be a bad thing. But, conversely, there are always software upgrades (v. 4.3,
    4.3.1, 5.1, 5.1.1, 5.1.3), how much have you paid for all of those? If you
    take that figure and average it out, then the cost might not be much more
    than the monthly fee. Digi has promised that all subscribers (renters) will
    have automatic upgrades at no charge for as long as they maintain their
    rental agreement.

    Second, the software application will never exist on your own hard drive, so
    anytime you log on to the Digi server you will using the latest, most up to
    date, bug-free version of the software available. Say you were using 5.1.1
    yesterday and came back in this morning and started up the software. You
    might be opening up 5.1.3 (or or whatever today's new improved
    version will be. You'll automatically be compatible with every other
    ProTools user on the planet.

    Also, for a fee, you can use Digi's ftp server for file exchange. Imagine
    not having to carry hard drives through the airport, transporting them from
    city to city. Ever wondered what the new security devices are doing to your
    precious digital data? As technology and security measures increase, the
    survivability of your data may decrease. With Digi's ftp site rental fee,
    you will just move your data to their server and go to your next location
    and then download all your data onto drives at your new location. And in the
    near future, as high speed connections increase, the possibility exists for
    never downloading your data. You may be able to record and play all your
    audio tracks from Digi's central server. With their twice daily backup
    routine, you might conceivably never lose another audio file. This will
    require access to DSL, cable or T1 connections to the internet but those are
    so commonly available that it is not considered to be an issue.

    Another advantage that won't be lost on anyone who has spent hours on hold
    waiting for Digi's tech support is that their will be full-time online help
    accessible world-wide 24 hours a day. This is not just a user searchable
    database but a staff of Digi engineers available to answer your every
    question at the touch of the "HELP" key. Some would argue that this single
    feature would be worth the price of admission. Also rumored is a "chat"
    feature from within the PT application that will allow users direct access
    to other registered users with similar systems. Similar in function to AOL's
    Instant Messaging service, it would allow PT users to access other working
    experts without any wait time for returned emails.

    Users of the new PT 6.0 will only have to buy the hardware from a Digidesign
    dealer or use their existing hardware (PT Mix Systems or later only-Nubus or
    D24 systems need not apply) and sign up for the DigiWorldNet service.

    While some have expressed concern over this move, the financial
    ramifications of having hundreds of thousands of users signed on for a
    monthly fee, ranging from $100 to $600 per month, are potentially enormous.
    Digi is so committed to the future of this software-leasing program that
    they have decided to convert all PT owners to this new system within a three
    year period. Online customer service (such as DUC) as well as phone-in
    technical support will start being dismantled within a year after the
    introduction of PT 6.0. Any users of existing systems will be strongly
    encouraged to change over to the new system. If they are unwilling to do so,
    unsubscribed users (formerly known as owners) will find themselves left out
    of any and all technical advances or new hardware developed in the future.
    By strengthening their ties to the users, Digi will be able to more closely
    control use of their software.

    When contacted for questions, a Digi spokeperson said "This is the future of
    software technology. By enabling our customers to have the latest software
    revisions and access to full-time online help worldwide 24 hours a day at
    the touch of a button, we are truly empowering our customers to focus on
    creativity and spend less time on upgrading and configuring their systems
    and problem solving."

    When asked about the impact on all the hundreds of thousands of PT Free
    (known on the street as PT Lite) users that have been using PT for free for
    the past three years since its release, the "off the record" answer was
    "These guys have been using our product for nothing for years now. Between
    them and the crack software users, we're fed up. It's not going to fly any
    more. They have to realize that you have to pay to play. We don't give a
    rat's *** about all those leechers who have never given us a dime. They can
    dry up and blow away for all we care. Or we'll sign them up for the $100 a
    month plan and they can keep on using their 'free' software."

    Sounds like the future is bright for all those who have invested in the
    future financial health of Digidesign.

    For immediate release - April 1, 2002

    By the way, I made all that up. Scary how close to potentially true some of
    it could be. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

    And if Digi does implement any of these ideas, I want a percentage. You are
    my witnesses.

    April Fools.
    Lynn Fuston
    3D Audio

    Making beautiful music SEEM easy since 1979.

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    You got me....I was starting to type in my browser- ""
    Kevin Perry
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    i was about half way down and i thought to myself...wait! today is april fools day! HA!!! good one...
    i was just about to type www.logic........


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    Very good, Lynn. And the really scary thing is that it did seem quite possible. Hmmm . . .

    I've had more than a few guys come up to me at Hayseed Dixie shows raving about how they made copies of the CD for all their friends (who are all there) and how much they all love it. Then they stop themselves . . . "Uh, I shouldn't have said 'I made copies' huh?" I then smile politely and steer them to the merch table and sell 'em a hat and t-shirt - so they can redeem themselves.

    That's the one main thing I really love about live performances: there's no way to pirate the experience of seeing a live show. Sure, if you're an industry wanker you can ask to be put on the guest list (I tell them all "my mom pays," though she's one of the 2 or 3 people alive I actually would let in free, and she always insists on paying anyway . . . go figure). But I digress.

    Copy protection. Yeah. It's a cat and mouse game. And it's just as futile as a peace summit between the Israelis and the Palestineans, or a new speed detection device for the State Troopers. From the "artist" end, I tend to view it like this - which is basically what I say in interviews when somebody asks: I'm an entertainer. Not that different from a bartender. People in the general public aren't complete idiots - they know I sell records to feed my family. And they also know that if I don't sell any records, I won't be making any more. So if they really like what I'm doing, they'll leave me a tip, so to speak, and buy the CD. Because they'll want me to continue doing what I do. It's really a very democratic process.

    And plug-ins / audio software are the same way. I'll be completely honest. I won't pretend that I don't know where to find every program / plug-in available for absolutely nothing but the time it takes me to download it. And I've probably downloaded and tried almost every PT plug-in currently being produced. And most of them hit the trash after one or two evaluations. The stuff I kept - that I really found useful, that I found myself using every day - I went out and bought. I shopped around for a good price, and plunked down my cash - mainly because I want them to keep making more stuff like it. I could lie and say I feel some moral obligation to whatever . . . but the truth is that I want to support people / companies who produce products I like because it's in my longterm best interest to do so. Simple as that.

    Maybe I'm wrong, but I think that sort of logic is much more effective PR than trying to make something copy-proof (which is impossible). I find most copy protection annoying after I've bought the product. And if I use it regularly, I bought it . . . and on more than a couple of occasions, I've found myself using downloaded cracks on software I've purchased just to disable the annoying copy-protect features.
    John Wheeler
    Nashville, TN

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    It's the day after April Fools...
    ...I'm STILL trying to settle down after reading that!

    T. Alan
    T. Alan

    La Salle, IL

    Record production for the financially challenged

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    i am new to this site and new to protools .
    I am sorry if this is off topic but i really need to run
    a old protools ( d24 TDM ) on my OS 9 .
    what is the option i got given that 4.3.1 ( the only one
    i got ) don't run on OS 9 . Is buying the version 5 from
    digi the only resort . anyone hear of 4.3.2 ? or anything
    that i can get an update version?

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    Lynn's was more believable.

    Late for April Fools, but early for Halloween:


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    I had forgotten this was even posted here. I think initially it started as an April Fool's post on r.a.p. I was reading about business management software in MacWorld, which was the inspiration for it.

    That's an oldie but a goodie. I still hear people talking about it. It got some folks pretty worked up for a while. A short while.

    I don't think I made any friends at Digi over it either.
    Lynn Fuston
    3D Audio

    Making beautiful music SEEM easy since 1979.

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    Well, Lynn. Maybe you weren't too far off. Just ahead of the times. Take a look at this link:

    Scroll down a little. Notice that some of those plugins are available as a 2 day rental license. Digi also offers 14 and 31 day licenses. Could be a situation of "Let's see how it works for the plugins first".

    Samplitude has been available on a rental basis since the introduction of v7.0. Here's a link to what they consider to be the advantages of renting: Advantages

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    Originally posted by Eric.K:
    <STRONG>Well, Lynn. Maybe you weren't too far off. Just ahead of the times. Take a look at this link:

    Scroll down a little. Notice that some of those plugins are available as a 2 day rental license. Digi also offers 14 and 31 day licenses. Could be a situation of "Let's see how it works for the plugins first".</STRONG>
    So now we're renting plugins. Maybe the day when everything comes preinstalled and you use just what you want on each session and you get a bill for the time that you used. That way you don't have to buy any plugins and you can bill the rental of the plugins to the client just like renting them the PT system or the C-12 or the Dig 48.


    I just saw "I, Robot," last night and all those machines were linked to their home base as well. The interdependent, non standalone model definitely has some disadvantages as well as advantages.
    Lynn Fuston
    3D Audio

    Making beautiful music SEEM easy since 1979.

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