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Thread: Anyone here a Michael Parks fans?

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    Anyone here a Michael Parks fans?

    He was the actor with "Then came Bronson" and actually put out 3 very good albums from 69-71 with MGM records. His work is really good, I like his singing and the productions were great.

    Anyone have any of his music?

    I have been searching in vain to get ahold of the master copies or at least a decent transfer. Michael seems to be unreachable and I have the works on vinyl...although they were tracked on an unsuitable cartridge from my Dad loaning them out so they are not happening for archiving.

    I especially like:

    Ride em cowboy.
    Mountain high.
    Lone lonesome highway.
    Re-enlistment blues.
    Big t water.
    Softly and tenderly.

    If anyone has an MGM contact, I am greatful.

    This was nice art and needs to be preserved.

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    Well, he must be reachable in some fashion, as he just played the sheriff and the old pimip in "Kill Bill 2", and he played the sheriff in "Kill Bill".

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    I remember his music.....
    Eliott James
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    I've got one of his albums here. I think it's Long Lonesome Highway. If I find it clearing out things then I'll check the quality to see if I can do a transfer for you.

    In the meantime, you might check out

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    My copies were too abused by crystal cartridges tracking at a dosen grams to be salvageable. If I kill the surface noise, the top end rolls off about 3K and no happy medium.

    If you can..and I have plenty of time, I would appreciate it.

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