I am slowly putting my own project studio together. I can only afford 3 mics right now; 1 main Premium vocal mic (for a few different singers) , and 2 general purpose mics (probably small condenser) for Electric and Acoustic guitars, piano, chorus and strings combo

I know that each mic suits a different person or instrument, but I could only afford 1 vocal mics right now. (I already owned a Neumann m149). Sony C-800G has been the main vocal mic that I use with many of my artists in commerical studio. As this is the most common big dollar mic in Hong Kong, getting it would be a logical choice. Just wonder would there be any other High-end other suggestions.

Choice of my main vocal mic:

Soundeluxe U95s/ E47/Elux215

Sony C800G

Blue bottle (B6, B7)-(hoping for 47ish and C12ish flavour)

(Really wanted to know how does the U95s vs SONY C800-G)

For Small Condensers

KM184 pair seems to be a good bang for buck choice. But it only sounded okay to me on many daily applications. other sugestions? (although at the back my mind, I really wanted a pair of vintage Neumann tube small condensers. But it is out of my range 4 now)

Thanks in advance 4 your suggestions