Hello everyone. I'm glad I found this forum. Great idea. My question is whether or not it is advisable to use the master bus insert of a board to lightly compress & eq a the overall mix before it hits the DAT recorder. My set up has grown to one where I am mixing many midi synths and hard disk audio including soft synths, guitars, bass & percussion from a MAC using MOTU I/O into an analog board and then to the DAT machine. I have found that with so much going on, it is difficult to "wrestle" all of this to a smooth, warm sound. I have recently taken out of moth balls a DBX 266XL compressor and set it at a mild setting. This has helped a bit but I'm wondering if I should spend the money on a good tube stereo compressor/limiter like a Manley or Avalon or an opto like a Joemeek SC2 or even an SC2.2 (one that would not be overbearing but at the same time, tame the madness) and a good stereo eq like a Focusrite Red 2 or Trident or Amek. I wish to impart a warmness to the sound but with clarity and definition. (Don't we all!)

The music I record runs from ambient to synthesised orchestra to dance.

I know alot of engineers would frown at compressing an entire mix but at the same token, there must be ones out there that would endorse this because of the popularity of units like the TC Finalizer and the Focusrite Producers Pack.

I have found that "rendering" all of my midi tracks to Digital Performer and mixing totally in the digital domain using the vast amount of plug-ins afforded one by MOTU is 1) too CPU intensive even for a G4 and 2) too cold sounding.

I usually mix both midi & audio straight to DAT then send it through the SPDIF out into Digital Performer and master to cd using plug-ins. This I find is hit or miss. I feel if it was warmed up a bit while still in the analog realm, my mixes would be killer.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Any thoughts on the correct compressor & eq to do this with would be great as well.